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The frame, buying and unpacking.

After a long time watching frames come and go on the internet, I found a likely suspect on ebay. Other frames that I have seen have always been way too small or way too big; this was perfect, a 57cm. I eventually want a bike that I can ride, therefore, it had to be my size. It killed me to let so many go by but they just were not my size and I would never ride them.

It was a newly resprayed 753 with frame number SB4059. All I knew at the time was that this was an early 80’s frame. The 753 decal wasn’t right, I knew that, but all other aspects, lugs, drop outs, braze ons, fork crown, all looked correct.

After some nervous bidding, I won the auction. 2 days later, I walked into the house and almost tripped over the recently delivered frame box. Once out of the box, everything looked good. 3 things struck me straight away, these where a terrible modern Chorus headset which was very loose (probably left loose as it was badly pitted), the wrong 753 decal and 3 horrible brass self tapping screws fixing the head badge to the head tube.

A 753R decal on what appears to be a 1980 frame isn’t right, so further investigation is required!!

The 3 gruesome screws holding the head badge on NEED to come out!! The Chorus head set came straight out and looked lovely gleaming back up at me from the bottom of the kitchen bin!

Anyway, the frame was safely put back into the box while I switched on the laptop to start some research (with a smile on my face knowing that I had my frame).

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