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Head Badge

When my frame arrived it was using 3 terrible self tapping screws to hold the head badge to the frame… ebay!!!!! Problem solved!

8 rivets for £3 – they may not be correct but at least they are 100% better than the screws. I feel that ebay could play a large part in the rebuild of this bike. This was such a simple job, just remove the 3 screws and lightly tap in the rivets with a hammer. A quick 5 minute job completely transforms the head tube of the frame.


    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment. I purchased them from ebay for only a few pounds. They simply tap into place with a small pin hammer – no need for anything else. Check something like this on ebay

      Copy and paste that link into a browser and it should take you to someone selling packs of 6 or 8 rivets for a few quid.


  1. I am building a team ti. The bike has a long arm brake calipers that I really hate. The other calipers are too short. What wheel are you using? Are they larger than the 700s? Thanks.

    1. Hi Eddie

      Do you know exactly what bike/frame/tubing you have and how old it is? If you can find the frame number and let me know as that helps with dating the frame and knowing what to fit. My frame is built for short reach brakes. It has Campagnolo Super Record calipers which have a reach of between 43 – 51 mm (that’s from the centre of the brake bolt to the centre of the brake shoe. The rims on mine are Mavic SSC sprints (tubular) which are 700c size if I was to use normal tyres.

      My frame isn’t built for 27″ wheels , 27″ are larger. 700c are 622mm and 27″ are 630mm diameter meaning that if you have a frame built for 27″ wheels, fitting a smaller 700c rim will require you to fit brakes with an extra 4mm (half the diameter) extra drop on the calipers.

      If you fit your 700c rim into your frame, what is the measurement from the centre of the brake bolt fitting in the fork crown to the centre of the rim braking surface?


      1. Neil,

        Here is a picture of the my team ti. I have another that is identical to this one. You may be able to see it on the bottom left of the picture. As a kid I had a team Ti track. It was stolen. I would love to have another track Team Ti.

        From the picture  you can see the distance from the rear brake bolt to the rims.

         If this is any help, the 2 team Ti I have are in the US, Mid West. My son found one in craigslist for $40 and the other one was from a non-profit bike shop. The manager knew I was into Team Ti and he kept it for me. Bought it for $30. 


      2. HI Eddie, sorry but I can’t see any images on you message. If you just measure from the centre of the brake bolt hole to the centre of your rim, that will give you the size of brake caliper that you will need to fit. Some frames are built specifically for close clearances and short reach brakes, while others are built with larger clearances for larger tyres, mudguards etc, If you want to use 700c rims you are essentially stuck with that measurement. Once you have your measurement, have a look on somewhere like, he has a good range of vintage parts.

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