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So now I seem to have a collection of TI Raleighs…

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything here. This is because I’ve had no money, meaning I couldn’t buy parts to add to my 753 Team Pro. However, along came a little spare cash and while browsing for Super Record bits and pieces,  I stumbled across another SBDU TI Raleigh, yet again, in my size!

I currently have SB4059, a 57cm 1980 753 Team Pro with Super Record, in the middle of a build…

So how happy was I to see SB447 in 57cm for sale? This is a 1975 531 Team Track frame with original paintwork. I snapped it up.

So now what do I do… which gets built first? How on earth am I going to afford two builds when I can’t afford one? Do I create a new blog or simply share this one? Why did I give myself such a dilemma?

Whatever I decide to do, I’m very happy to have this collection of SBDU frames, something that I never thought I would ever have – even better is that they are my size, I can ride them both once built (not at the same time of course!).


  1. build the track bike but use the wheels for both bikes provided the rear hub is double threaded ie the none gearside can take a fixed sprocket the track bike can only have a front brake fitted as am assuming like most track bikes there is no provision for a rear brake in the brake bridge

    1. Yep, saddle is an easy swap over, shame both have different size seat posts as that would have been even easier. Don’t think I’ll be able to do the wheel idea though as the 753 road bike has 126mm spacing and the track bike is 120

  2. ps and the other one which obviiously needs more parts ie mechs and double or triple chainwheels you can even use the same saddle for both bikes as well if stuck thats what i do ive got two b17 saddles and swop them between bikes i used on veteran cycle club runs

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