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Not another frame for the collection…

I wanted to write a new blog post but it has been so long since my last post, I nearly forgot my password! After a few attempts, I’m finally in.

So, what’s been happening… well here is a little recap…

My 531 1975 track frame

TI Raleigh 531 Track Frame SB Serial
Not much done to this apart from acquiring a lovely 1st generation Super Record 27.2 seatpin. Although that’s not much, I’m regularly on the look out for some period Record bits and pieces. I like that this frame is original and “used” so I’m not looking for NOS parts.

My main project, and the whole reason this blog was created, is my 753 Team Pro…

Raleigh TI Frameset

I’m hoping to get a new post on this soon as I’ve been busy buying lots of new bits, and most of those are NOS:

  • NOS Cinelli 1A Stem
  • NOS Cinelli Bars
  • NOS Regina Oro Freewheel
  • NOS Regina Chain
  • NOS Super Record Brakeset inc Calipers, Levers and Cables
  • Super Record Seat Pin
  • Brooks Professional Saddle
  • Super Record 36H Hubs

And best of all, some NOS 36H Mavic SSC rims

The only thing needed to complete this build are pedals, spokes, tubs and bar tape.

So with having absolutely no money and no time, I have decided to buy yet another frame. When you see these frames for sale, in your size, you just have to buy them. This time it’s an SBDU 531 Pro.

SBDU SB7219 531 Pro

Although I love the colour scheme, I’m not certain if this is original to the date it left the Ilkeston factory. A strange point is the French Reynolds 531 Professional decals.

SBDU SB7219 531 Pro French DecalIt’s strange but not unheard of for an SBDU frame to have these decals. The deep red paint is in good order and the chrome on the rear stays is also good. The only area letting the frame down is the chrome on the fork crown.

SBDU SB7219 531 Pro SB Number

But the best thing about this frame is the shot in seat stays. I love the clean lines this gives.

SBDU SB7219 531 Pro Rear Stays

While the 753 Team Pro is getting the full restoration with as close to NOS parts as I can, this is different. As I can’t tell if this is original, I’m not sure what to build it with. My initial thoughts are to build it with a nice 7sp Dura-Ace groupset. Let’s just see what happens.

Hopefully I’ll get one bike built before I find another frame begging to be bought!

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