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Worksop Carlton Raleigh – Giro D’Italia? Carlton BMB Team? MK 1 Raleigh Professional?

As if I don’t already have enough projects. As if I don’t already have enough plans to fulfil and enough mysteries tucked away in my collection to solve. I’ve now added another frame to keep me busy. C4619 is a 1968 Reynolds 531 frame built at Worksop Carlton Raleigh.

Worksop Carlton Raleigh“. This is just my own phrase for defining the period between 1960, when Raleigh acquired Carlton, and it’s closure in 1981.

Introducing My New Worksop Carlton Raleigh – C4619

My TI-Raleigh SBDU 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame

Now as everyone will know, this is not an SBDU frame. This is part of my expansion into the period before the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit based at Ilkeston. Here is a 15 minute video on my YouTube channel showing the unboxing and giving a brief overview.

It’s All Very Confusing

What I need to do is research the timeline of Carlton and Raleigh in the late 1960’s period. The frame has a stamped number under the bottom bracket which, according to most online resources, dates this to 1968. So that is my starting point.

My TI-Raleigh SBDU 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame Number

The ‘948’ is also stamped on the fork and is believed to be an indicator of a custom build.

My TI-Raleigh SBDU 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Fork

Several model names or possible theories have been mentioned when this frame has popped up before. They are…

The link below is to an article written by Peter Kohler. It uses images of C4619, and mentions a possibility of this being a prototype of the MK 1 Raleigh Professional.

On the Drops – Raleigh’s Bike Boom…

Here are two excerpts from a late 60s Carlton catalogue…

Carlton Giro D’Italia

Carlton Giro D'Italia

Carlton B.M.B Team Frame

C4619 has features similar to both. One feature is the Victor seat cluster (the way the seat stays attach to the seat lug/tube). The Giro and Team frame both used this feature. My frame also has a rear brake cable brazed on stop on the seat stays which is similar to the Team frame.

Worksop Carlton Raleigh 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame Braze On Detail

I’ve mentioned Carlton a lot, but this frame is definately a Raleigh. There is no evidence that this has ever had another type of head badge – the Raleigh badge is original.

Worksop Carlton Raleigh 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Paint and Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is a ‘variant’ of the Raleigh Ruberg team and the Raleigh MK 1 Professional. It uses the three colours of the German flag of Red, Black and Gold.

That’s All For Now…

So it seems I have a bit of work to do. I have a few bike models and names to check out. There is also a late 60s timeline to check and research to see where this frame fits in.

Once again, I have a frame that has more questions to be answered than known facts.

My TI-Raleigh SBDU 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame and Fork Non Drive Side

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