My TI-Raleigh SB4059

Trying to make sense and research and write about a workshop, the frames and the set of guys who built those frames is a big task. In fact it is a massive task! They only existed under the same roof in Ilkeston for a little over a decade, and for those few years, they designed and built bikes that beat the world over and over and they became the team behind the team – that team was the most successful team in professional cycling.

That success for TI-Raleigh has brought lots of information onto the internet, and I’ve given myself the job of sifting that information into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The ‘Good’ pile never seems to grow as much as the other 2! However, whatever does make it into the good pile is the stuff I like to write about and share. Hopefully what I find and share helps those with their own SBDU bikes…

2023 Xmas Offer

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* available for boxed, 2 wheel, cable operated bicycles (non electric). Assembled at your home, depending on distance.