1968 C4619 (948) Reynolds 531

C4619 (948)

Starting my SBDU collection with a frame lacking an SB number! Yes, this frame is in pre SBDU territory and was built at Raleigh’s Carlton facility at Worksop. C4619 is a Raleigh frame dating to 1968. The frame is also stamped with the number ‘948’ which indicates a custom build.

The problem with this frame is that I don’t yet know what it is… Is it a Giro D’Italia or Carlton BMB frame, or does it link to the Raleigh Ruberg team… or is it even a prototype for the Raleigh Professional MK1?

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Worksop Carlton Raleigh 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame and Fork Drive Side
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  1. I have a either 70 or 71 Raleigh international that’s about 80% original. But the S/N is very odd from what everyone is telling me. S/N F517 on the bottom bracket with the anniversary head badge. Thanks

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