1982 SB5422 Reynolds 753


SB5422 is another special bike and Road frame built with Reynolds 753 tubing. It is another SBDU built DENTON with Campagnolo’s 50th Anniversary Super Record group – the 2nd in my collection. This one contains a mystery, a mis match between frame number and fork number… SB4522 and 5422. Hopefully my blog posts and SBDU knowledge will help to answer that riddle!

Blog Posts…

Handlebar Wrapping SB5422 Reynolds 753 SBDU Cable Setup
Handlebar wrapping can be one of those bike building tasks you either love or hate. When it is done badly ...
50th Anniversary Super Record Bits and Pieces
Bolting a couple of derailleurs and other small parts to a frame is the easy stage of any bike build ...
Campagnolo Super Record Headset and BB Fitted
Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group - that's what I'm working with again. But before I get to the shiny ...
Frame Prep SB5422 Bottom Bracket Shell Faced
Frame Prep! Any task requires prep. Great prep should be the foundation of everything you do, it will give you ...
It's time to figure out the correct SBDU frame number for my frame stamped as SB4522. Is that number correct? ...

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