1983 SB5794 Reynolds 531c


SB5794 is an early 1983 Time Trial frame built with a really nice set of Reynolds 531c Metric tubes. The metric tubing makes this frame extremely light, almost as light as my metric 753 & 531SL frames. It is in beautiful original condition with amazing paint and transfers.

Blog Posts…

SB5794 1983 531c SBDU Ilkeston Mavic GP4 Wheel Rebuild Continental Rim Cement
I thought I had moved away from using tubs, but I had second thoughts about them after I decided to rebuild the ...
SB5794 1983 531c SBDU Ilkeston Mavic GP4 Wheel Rebuild Transfer Stocks
It's been a little while, but SB5794 is finally getting the wheels that it deserves! When I initially built this ...
SBDU Ilkeston TI Raleigh SB5794 Shimano 600EX
It's a new year and my first day off so I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than ...
SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh SB5794 1982 Measuring
It's been a few weeks since this little frame arrived, so after the small change of subject and posts about Dave ...
SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh SB5794 1982 Rear Dropouts
While I was away last week, the post man delivered another Ilkeston frameset and it was waiting for me when I ...

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