1984 SB6398 Reynolds 753R


SB6398 is a special bike and Road frame built with Reynolds 753R tubing. Not only does this have one of the coveted Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary groups, it was also ordered and built for a member of my old shop, Denton Cycles, the original owner’s initials are stamped on the BB, ‘HH’. SB6398 is in perfect original condition. All I have needed to do is replace bar tape, lever hoods and tubs.

Blog Posts…

SB6398 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753R Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary
All of the 50th Anniversary parts that I've carefully and patiently cleaned over the last couple of weeks have been re-united ...
I'm well on the way to getting every part of this build back to their very best. Part three was ...
SB6398 Restore Part 3
Part three is here..! That means I finally get to work with the Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary group. Part ...
Part two of the build to restore SB6398... and all that frame prep in part one will pay off now when ...
Here it is, the time has finally come... It's time to build SB6398. The end result of this build will be ...

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