1984 SB6560 Reynolds 531c


SB6560 is a 1984 Services des Courses Road frame built with Reynolds 531c tubing. The Services des Courses model was introduced in the SBDU 1984 catalogue and this model consists of Cinelli head lugs, seat lug, fork crown and BB shell. This frame is also in the new 1984 Panasonic Raleigh team colours.

Blog Posts…

SB6560 SBDU Ilkeston 531c Services des Courses Fork Repaint Finished
While I'm patiently waiting for the final few Dura-Ace 7400 series 6 speed components to arrive, I'm going to begin ...
SB6560 SBDU Ilkeston 531c Services des Courses Raleigh Team Colours Transfer Mockup
SB6560 arrived in terrible condition with missing gear lever bosses and poorly applied transfers. It is a frame that has ...
SBDU Ilkeston Panasonic Raleigh Services des Courses Reynolds 531c 1984 SB6560 7400 Brake Levers
I currently have six or seven or maybe even eight or more projects and builds happening at the moment. But ...
SB6560 Frame Repair
It is Easter and I am loving the amount of time I've had in the workshop this weekend. I'm getting ...
SB6560 1984 531c Services des Courses Panasonic Raleigh Frame Ready for New Bosses
I've been working through my collection of frames, and next on the list is SB6560, a 531c Services des Courses 1984 ...

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