**SOLD** 1988 SB8851 Reynolds 753R


SB8851 is a Nottingham built SBDU bike. Built with Reynolds 753R tubing. It is another SBDU in my collection that was found disguised as another builder’s frame. This came as a ‘Dave Quinn’ but was clearly SBDU built. The frame is in excellent condition, with maybe only a few hundred miles on the clock. It has some marks from storage but the frame is remarkably clean.

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SB8851 SBDU Nottingham 1988 Reynolds 753R Services des Courses Bike
Finding bikes built by the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit (SBDU) that aren't what they appear to be is part of ...

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  1. When the wife says you have too many frames and you have to get rid, please remember my email.
    You have some super machines!

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