1988 SB8945 Reynolds 753R


SB8945 is another Nottingham SBDU Services des Courses in Reynolds 753R tubing. It is again, an SBDU frame hiding under another builder’s transfers. This is my second ‘BARRON’ SBDU 753 frame. Like SB8868, this has been built with a 130 mm rear OLN dimension, which means that 8 speed + hubs can be fitted.

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SB8945 CInelli Super Corsa Bottom Bracket
I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with this one. Although this is an SBDU frame, it was built after ...

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  1. Hi Neil/ fellow SBDU fans. Love these detailed blog posts – so informative, thanks! Does anyone know when SBDU started 130 mm OLN on their 753 frames? Clearly from this blog post by 1988 they were doing this which makes sense with DA7402-8 speed coming out about the same time but was SBDU offering 130 mm option to customers prior? Thanks, Colin

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