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A classic road bike requires a classic workshop, equipped with the tools and a mechanic with experience to keep your bike looking and riding at its very best. A modern road bike requires the same knowledge and skills, the same skilled mechanic and professional workshop quality tools.

Bike builds… Wheel builds… Restoration… Preservation… Repairs… Servicing… Bike Photography…

Bike Photography Overview

Photography is an integral part of my work. I like to record bikes with beautiful, colourful and detailed photography.

Restorations and Builds Overview

I have over 30 years experience with classic bikes. I specialise in the bikes built by the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit and this gives me a unique insight into how SBDU bikes should be restored…

SB5794 1983 531c SBDU Ilkeston Mavic GP4 Wheel Rebuild Relieving Spoke Tension

Workshop Overview

Classic bikes require classic knowledge, with classic techniques, classic skills and a workshop equipped to deal with the specific requirements of a classic steel bike.