1985 SB7657 Reynolds 753R


SB7657 dates to the end of 1985 and is another of my “Denton” SBDU bikes. Ordered and built for a Denton Cycles customer, this frame is a rare ‘Randonneur’ model built from Reynolds 753R tubing. Built as a fast tourer with fittings for mudguards and rear rack.

Blog Posts…

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I've wanted to put this bike together for a while, often changing plans and ideas of how I was going ...
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It's been a while, spare time has been tight, but I finally got some time today to fit this Chris ...
Denton Cycles Commissioned Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU 753 Randonneur SB7657 1985 Seatpin
Anything that is stuck or seized in a frame is bad news. It is even more bad news when the ...
Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU Catalogue 1986 Randonneur
Since getting this frame I've been trying to figure out what it is? ...
Denton Cycles Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU SB Serial Number
Now this is a little something very special for me. This frame came up in a topic on the Retrobike ...

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