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1974 SBDU SB9 Assembly – Part One

1974 SBDU frames are incredibly rare, so SB9, which still has original paint and Campagnolo Super Record 1st generation components is getting a full strip and clean. I don’t think it has been cleaned since it was first built. This is the first part of putting SB9 back together. The paint and chrome have been cleaned and covered in a previous post, and now the chrome clips and headset are clean and ready to fit.

The gear cable guide, seat binder bolt, top tube clips and headset have been cleaned and are shining again.. This is what they looked like previously…

SB9 1974 SBDU Chrome Clips and Fastenings
SB9 1974 SBDU Chrome Clips and Fastenings
SB9 SBDU Super Record Headset
SB9 SBDU Super Record Headset


This was going to be straight forward. The headset came out easily and I got to see that the head tube was faced and was nice and clean. Because this headset came out of this frame then there would also be no need to alter the column length. It is simply a case of fitting the crown race and pressing in the two cups.

1974 SBDU SB9 Head Tube
1974 SBDU SB9 Head Tube
1974 SBDU SB9 Super Record Headset
SB9 Super Record Headset
1974 SBDU SB9 Campagnolo Super Record Headset Fitted
SBDU 1974 SB9 Campagnolo Super Record Headset Fitted


Good chrome that isn’t too far gone can be easily cleaned. A little patience can see amazing results. I’ll adjust the final position of the gear cable guide when it is time to fit the cables.

1974 SBDU SB9 Gear Cable Guide
SB9 Gear Cable Guide
1974 SBDU SB9 Chrome Fittings
SB9 Chrome Fittings

The bottle boss bolts were just simple slot head screw fittings. I’m preserving everything I can on this bike so the same screws have been replaced.

SB9 – So Far

It’s only a short post today with only a few things fitted. I always like to get the frame and fork back together first, and everything else will follow.

SBDU 1974 SB9 So Far
SBDU 1974 SB9 So Far
1974 SBDU SB9
1974 SBDU SB9

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